Get Ready for Garbtoberfest 2016



It’s happening!

Garbtoberfest, an evening of pork, beer, music, and sidewalks will be coming soon. Watch this space for announcements and more information. Invites are on the way out, and we hope to see you there.

For those of you coming from outside of the Philadelphia area, most of the better lodging options are close to the Turnpike, particularly in Willow Grove and Fort Washington. We suggest booking with Expedia. Airbnb is also an option. If you decide to make a whole weekend of it and visit Philadelphia, please not that our house is a short walk from the Jenkintown/Wyncote Train station, and trains frequently run up from the city. Check the SEPTA timetables here.


Across the Table from my girls


It occurred to me recently that I’ve spent a lot of time across the table from my girls and have taken many a photo. Some, I think, truly captured the essence of their personalities. This is my Valentine’s Day present to them both.

Across The Table

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Eleven years ago today…

Cecelia at One Day

I walked out the front door to go to work an hour away, leaving behind my wife who had just entered early labor. Thinking that it was probably a false alarm, I told her to call me if anything changed. Right as I walked into the office, I got the call, and had to drive all the way back. By 6:30 that evening, I was a new father. Happiest day of my life.

Cecelia was born via emergency C-section. In the O.R., I had hunkered down at Louise’s head behind the sheet that obstructed our view of the operation. After a few minutes, the doctor announced that the baby was about to come out, and asked if I wanted to watch. I started to stand, but Louise, afraid I’d pass out, urged me to stay down. In the next half second I thought, “Are you kidding? I wouldn’t miss this for the world!”, and I stood up just in time to see her emerge. It was glorious.

And just in time for her birthday today, “Happy Birthday” is now in the public domain.