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Hi Def Holidays

Hi Def Holidays

As all the pundits of the Great American Retail Juggernaut have declared, ’tis the season for the big screen TV! And who are we to defy the experts. After a great deal of research, we finally took the plunge ourselves, and at the same time, upgraded our cable service. This latter move took some lip-biting for Randy given how reluctant we are about giving the Mighty Mighty Comcast any of our hard earned dollars. However, a call to their sales office revealed a pretty amazing promotion. We just signed up for their “Digital Preferred” package, HBO, Showtime, and a DVR for “only” $29.95 a month! That’s only seven dollars more than our previous service, which only included a subset of their analog tier that excluded such channels as CNN and Comedy Central.

Now, Randy believes TV provides so much lubricant for civilization’s downward slide, but the deal was simply too good to pass up. And if you haven’t experienced HD, a real visual feast awaits you. For example, the National Geographic HD channel recently aired a program that put an HD camera inside a human body, showing in full details some amazing physiological functioning. Cecelia couldn’t get enough of the shots showing how the body turns food into poop. Talk about worth the price of admission.

And just think: It only took Comcast three days, two service visits, and five calls to customer service to get the channel lineup right. Not bad for a multi-billion dollar company, right?

The offer is good for a year, but after twelve months, we expect another promotion will come along, and if not, we’ll threaten to move to satellite. According to our neighbor, who works for Verizon, we won’t see FIOS come to Jenkintown for a while, because they have a DSL node right around the corner from us. Too bad. Randy salivates at the thought of those download speeds (and more TV competition).

In other Cecelia news, the girl has graduated to the Big Girl Bed. Randy finally assembled the “Mammut” toddler bed and dresser we purchased from Ikea. We originally looked at some furniture at the mainstream furniture places, but decided that spending upwards of $1000 for a full set made little sense at this time. Cecelia’s new set from Ikea cost well under $300. Assembly required, of course, but four hours pretty much covered it.

She took to new bed right away. In fact, once she spent her first night in it, she kept pestering Daddy to get the crib out of her room. She, of course, now has the freedom to get in and out of bed at will, but so far hasn’t abused the privilege too badly. Randy already finds himself struggling to remember the days we could just change her into jammies, read a book or tow, and just lay her down in the crib and walk out. To be sure, Cecelia still makes bedtime a challenge, but at least she sleeps well into the morning. No 5 A.M. wake ups like some of our friends experience.

Now, without further adieu, Cece and Daddy have another talk:

Mommy-free weekend

Mommy-free weekend

Louise left this morning to visit her cousin Eileen, leaving behind her husband and daughter. We’re okay with that. Mommy needs a break. She’s been under a lot of stress of late.

Tonight, cousin Meredith came over to help watch Cecelia and have some fun with her. We took advantage of the situation to post a new video of the latest Cece & Daddy Have a Talk.

The first frost finally arrived this week. Believe it or not, Randy continued to pick tomatoes and peppers right up until today, actually. Most tomatoes that actually turned red by this time didn’t really make good eating tomatoes. Still, the fact that the garden remained productive in some capacity right into November is pretty remarkable. Or scary, depending on your world view.

Speaking of which, gas prices have screamed past three bucks a gallon last week. All the talk of global warming, etc., makes the balmy weather of late someone difficult to enjoy. Just not natural, right? I do worry what kind of world our daughter will ultimately inherit. Maybe she’ll be the one who’ll save the world. She’s got a big enough brain for it.

Memere will also soon arrive for a visit. We expect her on Tuesday and hope to see her stick around for a few days after.