And now, a message from Garby!

And now, a message from Garby!

It’s shaping up to be quite guest list with many new faces, including several new ones from Jenkintown itself! There should be at least two guests from Massachusetts, maybe two from New Hampshire, and one from Connecticut. Louise, Cecelia, and I are looking forward to seeing every one of you.

We expect that there will plenty of food, but please remember this is a BYOB affair. We will provide an ample selection of non-alcoholic beverages. If you have an extra cooler, please consider bringing it with you. We never seem to have enough space.

Randy expects to have the pork ready about 5pm, which means he’ll be up well before the crack of dawn to get the smoker going. So, if you find him a little dazed and confused, go easy on him. It’s not just the beer or the effects of fathering a 14 year old.

Can’t wait to see everyone!

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