Busy at the Garbins

Busy at the Garbins

Over the past week, the Garbin household has hosted a beehive of activity. Last Tuesday night, family members from all over filled our little house for a dinner of cheesesteaks after a day spent mourning the death of another family member, Dave Allen (at right). Dave owned the oldest family-run balloon company in the country, with a history that stretched back to the Civil War. Dave leaves his wife (and Louise’s cousin) Janet and daughter Alaina.

Cousin Eileen and husband Gary had originally traveled all the way up from St. Augustine, Florida to celebrate Eileen’s fiftieth birthday. A big party planned at Bruce and Tina’s was scaled back to a more modest social gathering, but with Cecelia, Anya, and Meredith around, the party saw plenty of kiddie mayhem.

The two little cousins definitely interact with each other a great deal more now, but sometimes that devolves into little cat fights. Cecelia still has a knack for copy-catting as well. Whatever Anya does, Cecelia copies. This becomes a problem when Anya gets picked up by her own mother, because Cecelia demands equal time from Susan. In fact, for the better part of our excursion to the Victory Brewing company in Downingtown, Eric had to carry Cecelia around.

Generally, though, it was nice to see Anya finally emerge from her shell. She’s much more comfortable around other relatives, and she’s even warming up to the men in the family.

Look for another “Two Minutes with Cece and Daddy” soon… And go Red Sox!!

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