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Vacation in the cornfield

Vacation in the cornfield


Such a mixed bag of a vacation with that kid. All was great until she got hopelessly stuck on the bumper boats, spinning round and round.

It was funny as hell, but she hated that we were laughing at her. Mood changed after that, and then we were in the cornfield for much of the rest of the day. Makes me wonder what good it does to do anything nice for her.

Little Victories

Little Victories


Overcast and rainy today, but a good time yesterday at Knoebel’s. The kid actually held my hand as we left. Little victories mean everything.

We’re returning on Sunday for more rides, as it took a little too long for the kid to get herself acclimated to all the excitement and choices.

Knoebel’s Finally!

Knoebel’s Finally!


It took longer than I expected, but I finally managed to get my kid to Knoebel’s Grove Amusement Park. You wouldn’t believe the coaxing it required, but Disney got to her first and corrupted her at an early age.


Here now three hours and the thing she likes best so far is the pool.


I’m a big fan of the Flying Turns. Amazing but too-short ride, especially for the hour-long wait.

Vacation or just a road trip?

Vacation or just a road trip?

Can you really call it a vacation when you travel with kids? When I consider that word, I imagine myself sitting quietly somewhere in a bucolic setting, reading a book I’ve long intended to read, and clearing my mind of all my troubles in a peaceful respite.

Bringing the child brings along all the same schedules and routines. It just changes the setting. 

We just returned from our week long trek by car to South Carolina, and I suppose by most measures, Cecelia behaved relatively well. On the way down, she had only one major meltdown. On the way back, she did worse, but by most standards, I suppose she stayed within the behavioral parameters of any given three-year-old. 

While staying at the vacation house, she also enjoyed the company of her cousin Anya, who came with parents Susan and Eric in tow. She definitely had a vacation. At the vacation house, she had easy access to a swimming pool, a playground, a large house with plenty of room to run around, and a day at the beach. For us, we had to take her to the pool, the playground, and the beach, while making sure she (and her cousin) didn’t get into too much mischief and/or break something. 

We certainly created many good memories, and I suspect that as the time passes and Cecelia grows into a bored teenager, we’ll eventually look back on this trip with fondness, forgetting the tantrums, the screaming, the sudden bolting, the defiance, and the other minor petulances. 

After all, I look back on all my childhood vacations with great reverence, thinking now that my own parents hardly relieved themselves of the the day-to-day stresses. I hope Cecelia will look back on the trip and remember all the things she did do and not those things that we couldn’t let her do.