Cecelia gets batty

Cecelia gets batty

Last Sunday saw two firsts in Cecelia’s young life: She went to her first full-length feature movie — “WALL-e” — and she hit her first baseball!

While we didn’t get the very first hit on video, we got the third or fourth, seen here.

After we had just returned from the movie, Cecelia went up to Daddy and asked, “Can we play baseball?” Well, Daddy just sprung right into action, grabbing the little souvenir bat he recently bought at Citizen’s Bank Park and a couple of rubber balls, put Cecelia in her Phillies dress, and went out into the back yard.

And she hit the first pitch.

Just as surprising, it looks like Cecelia bats left. She went right into a pretty good batter’s stance, drew the bat back, and took a good swing. On the first try, she gave the ball a nice little ride right back to Daddy.

And just in case, Daddy turned her around to see how she’d do as a righty, but the swing wasn’t nearly as natural.

Look out T-ball league.

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