Cecelia Turns Four

Cecelia Turns Four

Another summer for the history books, I suppose. Despite the dearth of content here of late, I can assure you we had an action packed summer, which included visits from aunties Mares and Lisa, their daughter Chloe, and Memere. That came last August, and activities included trips to see the Camden Riversharks and the Philadelphia Zoo. With little Chloe running around here, the it seemed like we had a visit from a tiny tornado. The kid doesn’t stop, except at bed time, which she usually and astoundingly initiates herself.

We also went up to visit Jake, Anna, and Cousin Rachel at their cottage in Poconos. We do have video of that, but it’s largely unedited.

Instead, we can treat you all to this vignette of Cecelia’s birthday party.

Presents received included plenty of products from the princess industrial complex, but from Aunt Tina, she also received a wonderful Leggo kit.

The party included about six other kids and their parents, with Cousins Merph (Meredith) and Courtney helping out keeping all the little girls occupied. No boys.

There’s much more video and photographs, and if time ever allows, we’ll be happy to share more of that as well.

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