Concerning that mosque…

Concerning that mosque…

Do I ever hate the 24-hour news cycle. And boy do I hate the demagogues and political opportunists that this new media reality has created.

You got a problem with the mosque TWO BLOCKS AWAY from Ground Zero where on September 11th dozens of muslims died along with the Christians, Jews, Hindus and Athiests alike. Then maybe you should also have a problem with all the churches built on the sites where pagans were executed and where crusaders slaughtered the indigenous muslims back in the 11th century. Maybe you should also speak out about the monuments we’ve built at sites where we destroyed and defeated native Americans during our expansion westward.

In other words, get over it. There’s also a strip club and a barbecue joint within the same radius.

There is no justifiable reason for preventing the mosque to be built as proposed, not as long as we as a society provide for the freedom of worship. Frankly, I think it’s pretty boneheaded from the P.R. standpoint to want to build such a structure anywhere in the same time zone as Ground Zero, never mind two blocks away, but we cannot and should not do anything extra-constitutional to prevent it. Frankly, in 50 years, no one’s going to give a damn anyway. We’ll all be speaking Chinese.

And no, I’m sorry, but to those who have lost loved ones at the site, I am sorry for your loss. However, Manhattan is the world’s greatest monument to our economy. It’s the reason why it was targeted. So to render this chunk of real estate into an unproductive crying zone of grief is a complete capitulation to the intents of the terrorists. If I had perished at that site, I’d want my descendants to advocate for the construction of the biggest, profit-making enterprise anyone could imagine. Parks and monuments are nice, but they are window dressing to what we’re all here for: To Make Things.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

If you have a problem with Obama, please find an honest reason for your dislike. Stop making stuff up.

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