Football’s fine, but…

Football’s fine, but…

Randy has lately entertained himself with the latest advances of the New England Patriots. Though hardly a die-hard football fan, the fact that the once hapless Pats have become this improbably dynasty helps to kill time before the start of the baseball season. Only 28 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

In Cecelia news, the little girl grew three-quarters of an inch since the last time we measured her — probably less than two months ago. We built our first snowman a few days ago. So far, we’ve seen very little snow around here, but last week saw about an inch of wet snow fall. When this happens, Cecelia wants to say outside when she gets home from school to play in the snow. We topped it off with Louise’s red beret and gave it a nose made from a piece of wood. Cecelia was more entertained with just making snowballs.

We had an excellent time at the Gallagher’s last weekend celebrating Helen Gallagher’s 80th birthday. Lots of kids at the party almost guaranteed a fun time for Cecelia, plus we had a great time seeing our friends, brother and sister Roberta and John Gallagher, who came in from Los Angeles and Hawaii, respectively. Wish we could return the favor of reciprocal visits!

Otherwise fairly quiet. Just adjusting the deepening cold of January.

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