Jumpstarting the old career

Jumpstarting the old career

Randy officially begins the new job at Art270, and it should be noted that one of the best perks of this new position is the walkable commute. In fact, it would be rather idiotic to drive the quarter mile up the hill to this small but steady design firm in the heart of Jenkintown, which in an of itself, covers only a quarter square mile of Pennsylvania.

The job search came to a close over a week ago when Randy answered a Craigslist posting for a web designer. The interview occured on a Friday morning, and by the end of the afternoon, he had an offer sitting in his email box. After a weekend to think about it, he accepted.

All this, of course, throws some doubt on the future of the “great project” that has now lasted for almost 18 years. But who knows. The Garbin household breathes a sigh of relief that Randy seems to have found a safe harbor to weather the coming economic storm. And at the same time, do some interesting work.

Our daughter, a darling little girl, has taken on some very bad sleeping habits of late. We can’t remember the last time she’s let us sleep through the night. She’s had some continued difficulty with her skin condition, but sometimes she seems to get up and cry just because she wants some attention, something neither of her parents particularly want to give at three A.M.

Other than that, she’s doing well, and we’re all looking forward to the warm weather. More pix and video to come soon.

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