RandyLou moves to Blogspot

RandyLou moves to Blogspot

After some consideration and research, we’ve decided to let someone else do the heavy lifting with this blog. The home page originally designed by Randy works well enough, but it’s just harder to maintain and update than some nice, off-the-shelf blogging software. Thank you Web 2.0. This new blogging scheme should make it easier to include photos and video into the posts. For instance:

This is, hopefully, one of a series of little two-minute conversations between Randy and Cecelia made possible with Randy’s new MacBook and its built-in camera.

The whole summer has passed since the last entry, but we have just celebated Cecelia’s third birthday with three parties. One at Aunt Tina’s. One at Memere’s. And a small gathering at Aunt Sue’s. So, the girl had her fair share of cake and presents.

Cecelia’s growth and development continues at a healthy pace, and at three, she brings us all the typical three-year-old hyjinx, including the hot and cold mood swings, the possessiveness, and the compulsive behavior. But largely, she’s funny as hell and displays an astounding sense-of-humor.

Potty training, of course, is the big issue that faces us at this point. She’s almost, almost there. Although still prone to accidents, she uses the potty more often than not, and her day care has asked us to leave the pull-ups at home. She did pee all over herself tonight, however. Fortunately (or frustratingly) she was standing in the bathroom when it happened, so the process of learning continues.

Randy laments the end of the season for his new home-town team, the Phillies. Almost miraculously, they made it into the post-season only to get swept by the Rockies. As much as that, well, sucked, we had a great time following the team. Randy probably attended more games at Citizens Bank Park this season than he ever saw at Fenway Park. At least, he does still have the Red Sox who only have to beat the Indians, and they’re back in the World Series.

Next year, maybe the Fighting Phil’s will make it all the way, but that’ll just mean more expensive and harder to get tickets. Be careful what you wish for.

More to post very soon.

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