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Skippy Update: Setting the trap

Skippy Update: Setting the trap

Skippy's future home?
Skippy’s future home?

Today, a volunteer from the animal rescue arrived with a live trap that will hopefully capture Skippy. We had no sightings of him so far today, but something came into the garage last night and ate the food and drank the water we set out for him. Hopefully, it was him. We have no shortage of wild critters around here. The volunteer advised us to leave food outside of the trap tonight, so he’ll get used to seeing the cage. Then, tomorrow night, put the food inside the cage and hope for the best.

At least we know that Skippy is well fed and hydrated, and we can only assume that he’s hunkered down somewhere close by the house. We hope that he’s become familiar enough with the area that he’ll return again tonight. Imagine our frustration upon realizing that all that effort searching all over town for this dog didn’t matter at all. He came back on his own anyway! I’m sorry to admit that I’m already sick of this stupid dog. We won’t be adopting him.

Last night, a couple of our neighbors did their best to lure Skippy close enough in order to grab his collar. Sarah and Aly literally lay on the ground for over a half  hour with food in their hand to pique the dog’s curiosity. They sure piqued anyone walking or driving by who saw this spectacle.

On that note, I also want to thank everyone in our little town for helping out. We have some great neighbors who fanned out all over the area in search of a dog no bigger than a large cat. They make us feel pretty lucky to live here. I have to say that the response to our notices on Facebook, our flyers, and the general outreach has been tremendous. When I approach total strangers if they’ve seen a little black dog, more often than not they ask me if it’s the dog they heard about on the internet.

Our mayor, Ed Foley has even drummed up a campaign to raise money for an award for Skippy’s safe return. So far, there’s $70 in the (forgive me) kitty.

I plan to set up a webcam in the garage by the trap that will hopefully capture at least an image of Skippy. I hope the trap captures the dog, but who knows? We live among plenty of wildlife only a few miles north of the Philadelphia city line. I will  have that webcam embedded in this blog.

Stay tuned!