The Holidays Cometh

The Holidays Cometh

Cecelia and Daddy had yet another two-minute talk yesterday. You can see this here:

This year, we will join the family for Thanksgiving dinner in Massachusetts, and it looks like most everyone will come and make Mom’s little house abuzz with activity. It took a while, but finally we’ll have little kids running around making a racket and keeping the adults plenty busy.

Louise spent a weekend in Florida visiting cousin Eileen and her husband Gary in St. Augustine. She got some much-needed R&R, returning last Tuesday. Daddy and Cecelia went t pick her up at the airport, but not before stopping at the excellent Court Diner in Media, Pennsylvania. While the girl proved herself a real challenge in the behavior department, she still managed to charm the socks off our waitress. She also came terrifyingly close to embarrassing Daddy in a major way.

On one of the two abortive trips to the rest room, Cecelia noticed an old dining room chair with a broken back in the men’s room. “Why is that chair broken, Daddy?”

She has reached that stage where she questions almost everything, and like millions of parents before us, we do our best to explain maybe the first couple of levels of questions, but of course, it all comes at a cost of our patience. This being the second trip to a men’s room, located down a lengthy set of stairs in the diner’s basement, Dad’s patience had already run dry.

“I don’t know, honey. Maybe a big, fat man sat on it.”

As luck would have it, when we reemerged into the dining room from the stairs, we found ourselves looking right at a rather large, overweight man sitting in the booth.

“Who’s that man, Daddy?”

Dad could just feel the next question coming, so he zoomed Cecelia past and successfully distracted her from that line of questioning.

Dinner time with Cecelia is rarely a quiet, peaceful event. Over the course of the experience, we usually bring to bear at least four threats of the naughty chair, depriving of the “special treat” and prohibiting the viewing of a video. She’s all about testing limits, and we don’t always pass her tests, but we still cherish every moment.

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